Monday, June 11, 2007

Best RSS tools for a professionals

Here is my list of essential RSS tools that will simplify your life. They are supplementary, every one has it's purpose in this world of information :)

  1. Firefox RSS Ticker
    • small and sexy
    • non-distracting
    • does exactly what you expect it to do
    Headlines scrolling like stock quotes - it has been invented ages ago, and works nicely. Turn on randomization, and there you go - news coming straight to you. I believe it is the essence of RSS. Information is coming to you, not the other way round and you can be sure, it's as relevant as possible.

  2. Google Reader
    So all around these desktop, windowed small RSS readers, here comes web-based RSS reader. It's a little by the wind, but amazingly efficient! It's google... and they did it again. It's advantages are:
    • It's on the web, always there when you need it
    • It tracks what you have read, no matter if you're in your office, working at home computer or in internet cafe.
    • It even comes with you when you are offline in subway or on a plane.

    If you happen to work on several machines during a day, it's like a blessing. Give it a try... You might also take a look at some cool firefox addons for Google Reader.

  3. Thunderbird News & Blogs
    If you have just found yourself reading 100+ feeds every day, you need a heavy-duty tool! Here comes the RSS functionality of well known "birdy". Just click file - new account and pick RSS News & Blogs.
    Suprisingly it has no more functionality than Google Reader above, but is a little faster and smoother when dealing with a large amount of articles and feeds. And it also does a pretty good job as an email client;)

  4. Feedblitz
    If you're too lazy or busy to keep configuring, monitoring and playing with the above toys, here's the easiest way to stay up-to-date.
    You give them your e-mail address, they send you the news every few hours. It's free, it's convenient and is working like a charm (unless you don't know what email is ;)

What are your favorite RSS toys ?

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